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The Osterberg-Institut offers a wide range of further / continuing education and training focussing on “soft skills” as a key factor for success in life and business. The institute provides three platforms within its portfolio:

Within its programme, the Osterberg-Institut offers

  • open seminars, allowing for cross-company and intersectoral exchange,
  • tailor-made in-house trainings,
  • coaching and
  • individual consulting.

Generally the Osterberg-Institut works with a clear orientation towards application, solution and experience. There is a strong focus on practical cases of its participants. Methodical inputs are directly applied to the clients’ everyday situation. Its methods are based on humanistic psychology.

The working language in our open seminars and trainings is German. However, inhouse-trainings can be conducted in English and eventually other languages as well.

Furthermore it is possible for guests to use the Osterberg facilities for their own seminars and trainings.

The Osterberg-Institut is part of the Karl Kübel Foundation, a non-profit organisation founded by a successful entrepreneur.

The Karl Kübel Academy for Leadership, HR Development and Coaching supports specialists and executives in

  • leadership and decision-making,
  • self-development and communication,
  • negotiation, conflict resolution and mediation,
  • stress resistance, self-management and personality development,
  • methodical competence for training, consulting and coaching.

On the organisational level the institute supports strategies and instruments for

  • human resources development,
  • teambuilding,
  • organisational development and
  • change management.

One of the main target groups of the Centre for Competence and Personality are nursery schools. The Osterberg-Institut focusses on competence building for individual staff members and executives of social organisations. Furthermore the Centre provides tutorials in organisational development, e.g. supporting nursery schools to transform into Early Excellence Centres as originally developed in the UK.

There is also further education in selected therapy concepts, such as Somatic Experiencing®.

The seminars for private individuals cover topics like

  • personality development & self-awareness,
  • communication,
  • partnership, parenthood,
  • creativity, voice & music,
  • dancing, movement & body awareness and
  • spirituality.

The Family Forum first of all provides shared time for all family members. For children - accompanied by their parents or grandparents - the Osterberg-Institut facilitates a nature-oriented estate of 8 hectares (about 11 football fields). It includes woodland, lawns, a campfire site, volleyball & football facilities and a labyrinth modelled on the Chartres Cathedral. The institute is surrounded by several lakes with marvellous bathing opportunities.

The Osterberg programmes support family life at large, covering topics such as role assignment in families, typical conflict situations, getting along in times of adolescence and balancing the challenges of professional and family life. Most seminars are designed for the participation of all family members. However, there are also courses exclusively for fathers and their children as well as for mothers and children only.

In addition there are seminars for teenagers, e.g. on identity, personal ethical values, their talents and how those issues influence their professional orientation.

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